Vacation Village

Everyday is a vacation

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Vacation Village

Everyday is a vacation

  Welcome to Vacation Village. It has been almost 3 decades since 1987 that we started creating warm and happy smiles to travelers from all over the world in 3 of Krabi’s most beautiful locations. Our mission is to create happiness for visitors from all over the world. In this “Vacation Village”, there are 3 hotels and resorts-Phra Nang Inn at the center of Ao Nang, Phra Nang Lanta at Lanta Island and Wareerak Hot Spring & Wellness at Klong Tom.


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Vacation Hopper

Over the past three decades, since 1987, we have intended to bring smiles and happiness to all travelers from all over the world. We have been creating complete wellness hospitalities and services to serve our guests; accommodations, wellness packages and spa.

Vacation Village Phra Nang Inn

is located in the heart of Ao Nang, facing the famous and beautiful Ao Nang beach. Here, we offer a wide range of accommodation types with full facilities that are suitable for all lifestyles. Phra Nang Inn has a boutique style combined with local southern Thai-style decorations. We are inspired by the blue sea, which reminds us of the joy of life, to bring all of our guests pure happiness.

Vacation Village Phra Nang Lanta

is a luxury resort with a homely atmosphere of a holiday villa on one of the most beautiful beaches in Koh Lanta “Ba Kan Tieng Bay”, where you can indulge the beauty of the Andaman sea. On this breath taking beach , we offer boutique style accommodations that are located on the beachfront. Each room has its own unique decoration inspired by the pretty elements of the sea.

Wareerak Hot Spring and Wellness

is an eco-friendly resort and spa located in the middle of a heaven-like tropical forest in the Khlong Tom district of Krabi. In this beautiful forest, we found the hidden natural hot springs in 1989. Our hot springs are rich in natural benefits that will allow your body and mind to receive natural healing.

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