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Phra Nang Inn

Phra Nang Inn is the first resort established on Ao Nang beach, located in the best location where you can easily take off to Krabi’s beautiful islands and enjoy the vibrant dinning and shopping district of Ao Nang.

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Phra Nang Lanta

Phra Nang Lanta, a small boutique resort located on a peaceful and romantic beach of Ba Kan Tieng Bay, Lanta Yai Island, Krabi. The resort offers the comfort of a luxury hotel and the homely atmosphere of a holiday villa.

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Wareerak Hot Spring Spa

A secluded hot spring retreat located along the bank of Khlong Tom River just opposite the famous hot waterfall of Krabi province. Wareerak offers 14-units of tropical villas, cottages scattered around drinking quality mineral hot spring sources, exotic fruit orchard and tropical forest.

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About Vacation Village

Welcome to Vacation Village. It has been almost 3 decades since 1987 that we started creating warm and happy smiles to travelers from all over the world in 3 of Krabi’s most beautiful locations. Our mission is to create happiness for visitors from all over the world. In this “Vacation Villlage”, there are 3 hotels and resorts – Phra Nang Inn at the center of Ao Nang, Phra Nang Lanta at Lanta Island and Wareerak Hot Spring Retreat at Khlong Tom. Each place is meant to be a place of your relaxation depending on the vacation lifestyle. We also have Vacation Planner, one stop service travel consultant. In the near future, our village will be expanded with an additional resort that will fit luxurious vacation lifestyle.

Our story begins with love, the love of travel and the love of the sea. The founders Paradee & Preecha Poolphokphol begins their story as professors in Bangkok, but change took them down south where they change their career path from teaching to business entrepreneur. During their time down the south of Thailand they travel around family weekends getaway to the seaside areas southern Thailand is famous for. They fell in love with Krabi, with its small town charms and the beautiful seascape. Ao Nang has became a frequent holiday spot for the family and thus when opportunity arises they bought a seaside land and decided to moved to Krabi to open a small inn so that other family can come and share their love for Ao Nang. Both have never regretted their decision to move from their home in Bangkok or to leave their steady office job to start a new life here in Krabi.

Loving to travel off the beaten tracks, Preecha & Paradee traveled to many destinations and beautiful spots throughout Thailand, however the beauty of Krabi captured their hearts and became a place they decided to start their first hotel. With many natural attractions, over 100 islands including world-class detinations like Phi Phi islands, Lanta island, Khong Tom hot springs, the majestic landscape of limestone cliffs and rich history, they felt that krabi has great potential as a tourist destination.

Through the years Krabi has proven itself to be an astounding destination. With 4 cerabrated ‘unseen destinations’ promoted by the Tourism Authority of Thailand, Krabi has received interests not only from Thai travellers but also the world. In 2007, Life Publication have featured krabi as one of the most beautiful places on earth in “Heaven on Earth: 100 places to see in your life time” publication. Not only that, in 2011 Lanta Island had also been featued in the National Geographic's “Secret Journey of a life time: 500 of the world hidden travel gems.”

These garantee Krabi as a tourist destination and we are proud to have chosen it as a starting base for our Vacation Village

Our mission is to sustainably grow and expand the village for vacations to consist of small resorts, spas and travel agency, offering happy holiday experiences in most beautiful locations as well as a happy home for our staff and community.


Vacation Village exists to provide happy vacations to our guests. We strive to offer uniqe holiday experiences and memories through our Thai hospitality and resorts that are carefully designed to enhances the stunning natural wonders and cultures that we set in.

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